If you’re a friend of mine, a colleague, or a student in my classroom, you’ll know how I feel about technology in the classroom… I LOVE IT! Contrary to popular belief, students need technology in the classroom. They need to feel stimulation that feels familiar. While I think that more old-timey methods of entertainment are important too, I think that screens aren’t the enemy of educators. I think that when it comes to keeping students focused and engaged technology bans are not the way to go. I think that it’s about time that us teachers make peace with tech and start working to see what the screens can do to help us.

  1. Help Reach Students with All Learning Styles
    When it comes to how people process information, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Odds are the student that’s failing your class isn’t goofing off – at least not for lack of trying – it’s probably because they have a learning style that your teaching isn’t appealing to. Instead of trying to force a visual learner to listen to a lecture, you can use technology to help them learn.
  2. Google – and Wikipedia – are your friends
    When it comes to research papers and finding sources for other projects, you’ve probably told your students to stay away from Google and Wikipedia.
    But let’s be real, Google and Wikipedia are often more accurate than some history books. When it comes down to it, the lightning fast internet can be your friend. Your students learn valuable skills when it comes to choosing sources. You can show how to hunt for information well and you can show them how reliable information and unreliable information differ.
  3. Teach Responsibility
    Think of your tech as a class pet that doesn’t require a cage. Your students will have to learn and understand responsibility if they’re going to use their own laptops or phones in the classroom, or if they have to use the ones provided for them. They will learn to be responsible around technology which is something that’s valuable as all hell.
Posted on: September 26, 2018, by : admin